Jay Latter


Jay Latter was born 1988 in Johannesburg and grew up in Knysna. He studied and attained his bachelor degree in music at Rhodes University after which he spent a couple years teaching music and playing in local bands in Cape Town before rediscovering the visual arts.

He also studied 3d modelling and animation and worked for overseas companies involved in 3d printing before realising in 2016 that the simple connection of paint brush to canvas was the form of expression that really meant something to him. Since then he has been living and painting full time in Hermanus

“In the arts you either have to study it when your older, or you grow up surrounded by art and develop a natural inclination for it. I was fortunate enough to experience the latter (pun intended). Growing up in a family of artists, learning to draw and paint at a young age, critiquing my mom’s paintings, all this really helped me develop a critical eye and a love for the visual elements – colour, line, form etc.

I am predominantly a figure and portrait artist because I find it fascinating to take a nonliving substance(paint) and create something alive, with thoughts and feelings.   Once a painting has begun it’s very important for me that the painting dictates its own direction and I simply follow it, leaving behind any preconceived notion of what I think it should or shouldn’t be. I find this principle is in the direction of creating honest work.

I strife to bring aliveness, realismand as much depth as I am able to to my work.” Jay Latter

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